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It is 6 months after a global war and your character is one of the few survivors. Technology no longer exists, there is no electricity therefore any conveniences are strictly mechanical and are powered manually. The sun only appears intermittently therefore solar power is ineffective and much of the day is spent in the near dark. Food and shelter is scarce and any liquid must be boiled before consumption. People are competing for survival. Your character has managed to save 5 items from his/her life before the war that are very important to him/her and give him/her the inspiration and motivation to continue his/her existence.


Write a short story using a first person point of view with a clear introduction, rising action, climax and conclusion. The story is about your survival but there should be a specific conflict other than just day –to- day survival. Include the use of metaphor, symbol, irony, and theme.

1. What are the five items and why are they important to you?
2. Describe your protagonist.
3. Describe your home. What have you done to ensure your safety?
4. What kinds of things have you done to ensure your survival?
5. What is the central conflict of your story?
6. What is the climax of the story?
7. How does your protagonist change over the story?