Write a paragraph explaining your response to these images and ideas. Relate your response to specific elements of the preceding presentation.

The Jim Crow era, disturbs me and blows my mind. It discusts me to watch people treated lower than dirt. Humans should be treated equaly; everyone has a heart, brain and soul that connect us all together. If were so alike, and all made the same, why are we treating each other different; why in this time period? What really makes us so different after all? The color of our faces is a human characteristic, just as having brown hair, blue or green eyes. So were they going to make a waiting area for people with blue eyes and brown hair too??? What were their true intensions? Watching and looking at some of these photos, its mind blowing how we can treat one and another like this! That type of behaviour set a path for todays corruption, and hatred between different countries, leaders and citizens. If we treated each other with respect right from the start would society be different? Would there be any wars or gangs and murders?