The Most Dangerous Game

QUESTIONS: Answer the following questions.

1. What is meant by “He lived a year in a minute”?
At the time, Rainsford had been waiting for the General, in the minute he was waiting if felt like a year to him because of the fear he had.
2. What is meant by “I am still a beast at bay”?
He meant that he was a monster but at this time he was calm and would not hurt anyone.
3. In which sea has Connell set Ship-Trap island?
Caribbean Sea
4. How is Zaroff able to finance his life style?
He was already rich because of his father. His father had a quarter of a million acres in Crimea. Then, Zaroff went into the army. He left Russia with all of his money before the noble Russians lost everything.
5. If Rainsford wins the hunt, what does Zaroff promise him?
"I'll cheerfully acknowledge myself defeated if I do not find you by midnight of the third day, " said General Zaroff. "My sloop will place you on the mainland near a town".
6. What happened to Lazarus?
Lazarus was the finest dog in generals pack. On one hunt the hound followed a man into "Death Swamp", where quicksand pits are, and died along with the man in the pits.
7. Where does Rainsford spend the first night of his hunt?
"A big tree with a thick trunk and outspread branches...he climbed up into the crotch, and stretching out on one of the broad limbs, after a fashion, rested".
8. How many acres did Zaroff’s father have in the Crimea?
A quarter of a million acres.
9. Why does Zarroff suggest Rainsford wear moccasins?
Moccasins leave a poorer trail.
10. What caused Rainsford to believe Zaroff knew he was hiding in the tree? Do you think he was right? Give reasons.
Rainsford left a path leading near the tree. "The generals eyes had left the ground and were traveling inch by inch up the tree".
11. How does Zaroff stock his island with “game”?
Zaroff either waits for a storm, "Sometimes an angry god of the high seas sends them to me. Sometimes, when Providence is not so kind, I help Providence a bit". General Zaroff has marked a channel where there is none. "... giant rocks with razor edges crouch like a sea monster with wide-open jaws'.
12. What happened to General Zaroff at the end of the story?
Raindford sneaks into Zaroffs bedroom at the end of the third day and shoots him.
13. Inspite of being hurt, Zaroff congratulates Rainsford on his “Malay mancatcher,” why?
He congratulates him because not many men know how to make one, and this proves Rainsford to be a matched opponent for Zaroff.
14. How do we know Rainsford is an exceptionally fit man?

He is running a lot to escape the general, he knows a lot about hunting making it easier for him to stay alive. He also swam from the boat to the Island without drowning.
15. Discuss the state of mind of Rainsford before he lands on the island versus that after he meets the General. What is different? (Especially about how he perceives animal feelings.)
At first Rainsford thought that animals who were hunted had no feelings, then he became the "huntee". After Rainsford was chased all over the Island, he realizes what the animals must be feeling during a hunt.
16. How does Connell inspire fear without obvious bloodshed/grotesqueness.

He does this by using a lot of imagery, and descriptive adjectives. He uses suspense to illustrate the fear of Rainsford to give it a thrilling, eerie atmosphere.

Short Stories - Literary Devises

Point of View: 3rd person

Protagonist: Rainsford
What type of character is the Protagonist? Round, dynamic
Antagonist: Zaroff
Describe the setting
Setting is an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. There are many dangerous creatures, and it resembles to a jungle
because of all the trees.

Type of Conflict: Man vs. Man, man vs. nature

Describe the main conflict:
The main conflict is that Zaroff kills humans. He challenges people that wind up on his island to a hunting game, and he always wins. He has challenged Rainsford, and Rainsford accepts.

Describe the Climax of the Story:
The climax of the story is when Rainsford jumps into the ocean, which made Zaroff believe that Rainsford was gone.

How does the Protagonist change over the course of the story?
The protagonist once thought that animals did not have feelings, nor did he care for them.

"'Don't talk rot, Whitney,' said Rainsford. '...You're a big game hunter, not a philosopher. Who cares how a jaguar feels?'
'Perhaps the jaguar does,' observed Whitney.
'Bah! They've no understanding.'"

Rainsford then understands the feeling of being hunted, and realizes that animals do have feelings.
Describe the relationship between the title and the theme.
Zaroff claims that humans are the most dangerous animal because they have reason. He challenges other humans to a hunting game, making it the most dangerous game.

How does the main conflict help to illustrate the theme?
The main conflict of man vs. man helps illustrate that one should not ignore the main unwritten laws of society for pure entertainment. Zaroff kills humans for his own entertainment. He should be treating other animals the way he would want to be treated.

How does the climax help to illustrate the theme?
The climax of Rainsford jumping into the sea helps him realize what the animals were feeling.

Give examples of each of the following literary terms in the story (use quotes):

"The sea was as flat as a plate-glass window."
"The revolved pointed as rigidly as if the giant were a statue."

"I am still a beast at bay."

"...the muttering and growling of the sea"
"...where the sea licked greedy lips in the shadows."

The bed represents every man for himself. Only one person can sleep in the comfy bed.

Foreshadowing (give both elements):
There were gunshots and shrieks heard in the background when Rainsford was swimming.

This is foreshadowing what was happening, Zaroff was hunting humans.

Rainsford was a hunter, but he became somebody being hunted.

Zaroff, the one who started all of this hunting, dies.

" The ground grew softer under his moccasins; the vegetation grew ranker, denser, insects bit him savagely."

Describe the relationships between the class theme and the story.

As humans, we usually treat people the same way we would like to be treated. First grade teachers tell us this. Zaroff ignores the basic laws of society, and hunts humans for his own fun. He gets bored of hunting other animals such as the Cape Buffalo, and finds that humans are much more dangerous. He claims he does not lose the game he challenges humans, and his opponents always feel fear. He does not want this feeling.