Assignment: Describe what the poem means to you. Discuss the use of metaphors to create analogies in the mind of the listener. How does the impact of this poem change when you hear it as opposed to reading it? Use specific examples from the text.
This poem to me represents freedom and the truth. It gives Canada a voice, far above the average form of expression. This poem highlights key points of what “defines most Canadians” such as; “...some say what defines us/ Is something as simple as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’...”, as well as our hockey past and present stars. The uses of metaphors help the poem relate more to the listener. It gives the poem a personality and gets the message across faster than writing what the poet is trying to say. Metaphors also give us a little room for imagination, and freedom with the more vague lines. The metaphors in this poem help bring together all the different ideas the poet is trying to get across as well as “transition” words for the lines. Reading the poem I can understand more of what Shane is trying to say, as well as highlight what make most Canadians, Canadians. Listening to Shane perform it live was much more moving. Hearing him perform that poem about Canada made me very proud of our country, and everything we’ve achieved in past, present and future days.